Discover Ancient Greece and Egypt.​ 


Terms 1 & 2, 2015, Brisbane.

TV, film, internet, books and tourism all allow us glimpses of history, but a coherent picture of the past is most likely in a guided community of face-to-face learners. Come and join such a community for eight weekly sessions of investigation and discovery.


These sessions are designed for those who are interested in ancient history but have had no formal post-school study. They combine visual and written sources, teacher instruction and student inquiry. Each of the courses includes an optional visit to the University of Queensland to investigate ancient artifacts.


They are led by a qualified teacher who is a graduate of ancient history and has taught the subject in Queensland schools and to adults. The courses should give you a foundation to pursue your own investigations or to undertake formal study.


Indulge your curiosity. Stimulate your mind. Exercise your brain. Come and spend eight weeks learning about these civilizations. Two hours on one evening each week.

Ancient Greece

Term 1, 2015 - 8 week nights, 2 hours/evening

The glories of ancient Greece, the crucible of democracy, the foundation of our art, architecture, science and philosophy, as well as the living heritage of modern Greeks.


Ancient Egypt

Term 2, 2015 - 8 week nights, 2 hours/evening

The mysteries of ancient Egypt, a civilization thousands of years old that left as its witness the mighty pyramids, splendid treasures and inspiration to ancients and moderns alike.


Indulge your curiosity

Stimulate your mind

Exercise your brain






Due to personal circumstances, I will be unable to offer these courses as planned in 2014. However, I intend to offer them in 2015. Please register your interest and I will keep you updated on developments.